Fully Built Shipping Container Home For $15k ~ X Caliber Container

Fully Built Shipping Container Home For $15k ~ X Caliber Container


    Tiny Home Type Medium Tiny Home , Shipping Container
    Beds 2
    Baths 1
    Size 230 Sq Ft.

While exploring Texas we had the opportunity to visit Xcalibur manufacturing. A shipping container home has always been a passion of mine. There have been many hours of driving when I plan a shipping container build in my head. My current idea is to have a 45ft container, much like this one, with a 20ft container stacked on top. The upper area would be the bedroom that leads out to the balcony that the lower 45ft container would provide. However, dreams and money are two different things.

Bob's Tinyhome Tour Video

While it is entirely possible for someone to live in this full time, it is simplistic in its execution of such matters. Be mindful that this is not a criticism, this build is intended for sparse use. For many who purchase homes like this build, they will place it in a remote location for hunting our outdoor recreation. This is why Xcalibur includes steel shutters as well as a cross door lock. With an extra 5k or so this could be lived in comfortably by anyone. Also, one negative for us in general, it would be a semi permanent placement.

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