Gorgeous Double Loft Tiny House ~ Full Tour ~ Uncharted Tiny Homes

Gorgeous Double Loft Tiny House ~ Full Tour ~ Uncharted Tiny Homes


    Tiny Home Type Medium Tiny Home , Single Family Tiny Home
    Beds 2
    Baths 1
    Size 260 Sq Ft.

This 280 Sq Ft beauty was the first real tiny home we filmed for the new channel. After spending 2+ years traveling and living in a Class A motorhome, we really noticed the build quality of tiny homes. To this day, this tiny house is one of our favorite designs.

Uncharted Tiny Homes Tour Video

To be honest, this was our first real tiny home we had ever encountered. I honestly did not expect much of a difference from a typical RV to this home regarding build quality. I must say, I was extremely wrong. This home felt as though it would last for many years to come while some RV’s feel as though they will fall apart in no less than 20 years. Granted, most modern day RVs are more flexible and suited for the bounciness of the roads. It is almost as if your home is experiencing an earthquake every time to move. But, we shall hear back from those currently living and traveling in their own tiny home.

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